Dokter’s Weekly Report #25

It is time again for a journalism-heavy report. Filled with commentary and links to articles regarding my obsession with journalism.

My favourite is the first link. Not just showing my bias regarding writing style, but it also highlights the need for constant, fluid change. It is foolish to try to reinvent the wheel, but there is nothing wrong with improving and adapting it.

Finishing the report with a link regarding the idea of individualism within a relationship. That some have this idea that some partners needs “fixing” or need to change to suit the other person.

Tomorrow will hopefully be tolerable.


The Need for a Digital “New Journalism” – Read it
This is the type of article I might re-read from time to time. If you are only going to read one article this year about journalism, this is it. As someone that is inspired and driven to journalism by Hunter S. Thompson and his Gonzo Journalism, I could not agree more with the author of the article. Fuck quotes! It is time journalists are trusted for their coverage. Too bad so many ruin it for the rest of us.

Using research in journalism – Read it
What is sad, when reading this article, is that you would think that would be expected. That journalists would prefer research over opinions when writing about most topics.

We need more criticism of the media, not less – Read it
Agreed, especially in Australia. More journalists need to stand up and dare to provide some critique. However, the criticism needs to be informed. It needs to be done with purpose. Or else it is nothing but ill-informed whinging.

A newspaper reporter who loves his job – Read it
That is why we do it.

Say whatever you like, but it’s a sorry day for freedom of the press – Read it
No wonder Australia ranks as number 26 in 2013 Press Freedom Index from RSF. While in Sweden, a journalist’s source is protected by the constitution. Nor do citizens in Australia enjoy constitutional freedom of speech.

Public servants baulk at FOI changes – Read it
This is what often happens when there is no constitutional guaranteed freedom of speech. The government becomes less transparent.

The journalist and the police source – learning from an unfortunate case – Read it
Even if the public deserves to know, it is important to know when that should be and how it might affect everyone, even your sources.

She’s scheduling his free time. He’s having a meltdown – Read it
One of the last things you want in a relationship is to be treated as some kind of employee. Being a relationship means that you share responsibility, it does however not mean you are attached to the hip of each other.