Dokter’s Weekly Report #12

A jolly mix of more loathing.

It really irks me when someone uses the “I’m entitled to my opinions.” Sure, if it is about what kind of ice cream you like, but if the ice cream package says it contains dairy milk, don’t say “I’m entitled to my opinions” when you’ve tried to claim it contains soy milk.

But what is the point really? It seems the most popular opinion is a fact. Even though it’s not.

Thanks to Facebook we’ve created a bunch of narcissistic fools. All they crave is that everyone click Like.

Or if you tell them you are using Facebook less and they should contact you via email or Twitter, they still send you a message on Facebook. As if communication isn’t valuable anymore unless everyone else sees it.

And don’t get me started on that Australia, as a continent, might disappear. Bunch of fucking idiots! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I really understand why Aussies hate politicians.


Opinions are not facts – Read it
Be sure to read the article it links to, by the philosophy professor. Both are a good read on the idea that ‘you are entitled to your own opinion,’ and the idea that some treats their opinions as if they are facts. However, what it lacked was to touch on when to step away from a discussion. There is too much focus, in general, on the idea that a discussion must be won.

Culture of entitlement wears thin – Read it
Mainly focused on Australian politics, but it can easily be transferred to any debate. Because we are, especially in the western world, witnessing this disgusting obsession with self-entitlement.

13 People Cursing Hurricane Sandy—For Delaying Their iPhone Deliveries – Read it
This is exactly what I’m talking about. This disgusting self-entitlement. What a bunch a pillocks!

Watch as we make a continent disappear – Read it
From now on, I doubt I will be surprised with what the Australian commonwealth does next. Why not just reinstate the White Australian Policy again, because it is very clear that is what they want. Yet they scratch their heads when foreigners call Australia a racist country. Yeah, wonder why…

Public holiday changes pass after fierce debate – Read it
And to top it off with more stupidity, Labour Day in Queensland has been moved to October. MAkes perfect sense, right?

Thomson accuses Labor of ‘pandering to rednecks’ – Read it
When you got nothing to lose you bloody speak up! Which seems to what Thomson decided to do. More need to do it, but unfortunately in the next election ALP might lose power. Not that there is any difference between LNP and ALP, both are on the right side of politics ATM.