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Dr. Jimmy Wall (aka the Dokter) is returning to IT after becoming a disgruntled & washed-up, often brutally honest, gonzo journalist — filled with fear and loathing.

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With a Bachelor of Journalism (specialised in History & International Relations) and 5 years of experience1 the Dokter is still looking for [paid] work regardless of the media crisis in Europe and Australia. He also has a great interest in cryptography, privacy, security, technology, psychology & History of Indigenous Australians.

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hello [at] dokterw.me (unencrypted)
dokterw [at] tuta.io (encrypted2 if you also use Tutanota)
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DokterW [bleep] (encrypted)
BC52NWAA [Threema] (encrypted)
@DokterW [Twitter] (unencrypted)
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a rticles
Exclusive interview with actor Chris Judge (Teal’c) from Stargate [Westender]
Does Australia care about women’s rights? [Westender]
Journalism Needs Unity, not Division [Go Gonzo Journal]
Fear of G20 and Loathing the Press [Go Gonzo Journal]

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  1. That is only the tip of the iceberg regarding my experience and skills I know and have used working as a journalist. 
  2. I prefer to use encrypted communication for your and my privacy in mind.